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The Wilds Cooperative of PA is a juried program for individuals and businesses applying for Juried Artisan membership, and for retail food facilities applying as Host Sites. Jury panels, made up of professionals from relevant fields, will determine acceptance into the program after reviewing application materials, including required images and jury registration. Renewing members must undergo jurying at least once every five years. Juries are convened twice yearly to evaluate applications and images, complete scoring sheets, and write comments designed to be helpful in marketing or promotion, or further improvement. Applications for Trading Post Membership from non-food businesses are reviewed by the PA Wilds program staff and advisors on a rolling basis.


Juried Artisans’ applications and related images are evaluated on artistic merit (70%), marketability (20%) and design/ material sourcing (10%). 

Juries for artisan food producers, craft artists and local eateries focus first on local aspects such as ingredient/material sourcing (40%), followed by aesthetics and technique (30%), presentation and marketability (20%) and value-added features (10%). For a variety of reasons, tasting is not a required part of the review of food items. In rare cases, juries might request food samples. 

Trading Posts’ and Host Sites’ applications are reviewed for space and willingness to accommodate local products (40%), presentation (20%), accessibility – i.e., location, access for disabled visitors, hours of operation (20%) and marketing and community connectivity (20%).



Applicants to The Wilds Cooperative of PA will upload images of their work, products and/or business locations into Member Photo Albums associated with their Member Profile. Albums may be created for each medium or category being submitted for review, and each album may contain up to 10 images, with information about the individual images as captions for each image. 

The application fee includes up to 2 jury sessions. Additional juries (up to 5 in total) may be requested for extensive work. Craft artists may elect to be juried as visual artists if materials used in their craft have no local connection, or if the work has aesthetic purpose rather than functionality. 

There are restrictions on what can be submitted for a jury session. Be sure to read the Restrictions section before you apply. 



Artisans (in visual arts, craft or food) who work in multiple artistic media, offer several regional specialties, or create different types of products to sell, may apply for multiple jury sessions for distinct categories of work. Examples of those who might request two jury sessions: 

  • an artist who works in watercolors and in oil pastels

  • a chef who makes omelets from local eggs and also a features a dessert made in-house

  • a farmer who makes cheese and also sells sausages

  • a woodworker who makes rustic benches and also wooden jewelry boxes

  • a beekeeper who sells honey and also makes beeswax candles

In each of these examples, the applying artisan would be responsible for paying for two jury sessions ($10/session - $20/total).


Applicants will receive an email notifying them of the admission decision. Jury comments are not included in the notification, but applicants may contact our staff to review the comments. Applicants must agree to these terms if they choose to participate in the program. Decisions are announced within 45 days of the submission deadlines. 

Newly admitted Members at all levels will receive immediate access to the digital tool box and will be able to take advantage of all membership benefits. Successful Professional Artisan, Host Site and Trading Post members will receive appropriate printed materials through US Mail.



All first time applicants to the PA Wilds program pay a $20 non-refundable application fee which covers the work to process your application and arrange up to two jury sessions.

You may request additional jury sessions with your membership application or renewal. Add a $10 fee for each additional Medium or Category you register for review, up to a maximum of 5 Mediums or Categories.

Application Fee: $20 = First time application + 2 Mediums or Categories.

Additional juries: $30 = First time application + 3 Mediums or Categories,
$40 = First time application + 4 Mediums or Categories.

You’ll be asked to submit one check (the Application Fee) upon acceptance you will be invoiced via email the appropriate Membership Fee. Your Membership is not active until the Membership Fees have been paid.  The Application Fee will be transacted upon receipt.  Applicants will not be considered for review if checks have not been received by the program staff by the jury submission deadline.  



Succeeding in the jury process will hinge on quality of your work and/or products as shown in the images you submit to demonstrate your work and its appeal or impact. Visual artists’ images should be chosen to reflect artistic and creative skill. Craft artists’ images are enhanced by close-ups that give jurors a feel for the creativity and quality of your work. The adage “we eat with our eyes” should guide food artisans in the direction of images that capture enticing arrangements with strong visual appeal. Images of your business location are a required part of a Trading Post and Host Site application. For retail operations, an image that includes you in the picture adds a touch of local, personal interest. Selfies welcomed!

Professional photography may represent your work more effectively to the jury, but is not required. That said, it is critical that you compose, shoot and select your images carefully. At a minimum, they should allow clear viewing. Get comfortably close to your subject. Do not upload out-of-focus images.  


Taking photos

  • Best results are achieved by shooting in indirect natural light, rather than using flash.
  • Avoid lighting that will alter your works’ or locations’ true colors in any way.
  • For the jury process, you are allowed to include images of work that is not for sale.
  • Include some detail shots with each group.
  • Read the Specifications for your membership type, below.
  • If you are an artist with your own retail site, images of your retail site and activities do not count toward the limit of two worksheets with application fee, for your juried creative work.

Checking the images before uploading

  • Zoom-in to view your images to ensure they are in sharp focus, with sufficient resolution.
  • For best results, view your images on a bigger screen to check their quality.
  • Select the best images and organize them into groups (no more than 10 per group).

Technical specs

  • Images should be 300 dpi, minimum 8 inches wide at 100% viewing size.
  • Upload tiff or jpeg formats, no larger than 10MB.

Uploading your images

  • Applicants will create a photo album for each Medium or Category to be reviewed by the Jury. When creating the album, title it “For Jury Review”.  Use the album description area  to briefly describe your work, include the medium or category. 
  • Before uploading, name image files in the following format:
    “Yourlastname-Titleofthepiece” example: Peters-LongDaysNight.jpg   
  • Be sure to leave no spaces between words and use a dash between your name and the title. If the title is lengthy you may use the first two words. 
  • In the caption box for each image provide the following information: Title, Medium or Category, Dimensions, Original or Reproduction (Visual and Crafts products only), Sales Price.
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