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The PennWest – Clarion SDBC generated big excitement for the BIG IDEA Contest

The word spread far and wide about the PA Wilds BIG IDEA Contest thanks to marketing and promotion from the Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) of Clarion University, Gannon University, and Penn State. From social media to in-person information sessions, the organization helped to drive participation across each participating county.

Thompson Farms LLC: Turning market downturn into valuable product

Thompson Farms LLC is a century farm located in Potter County that is known for its dairy, meat, organic vegetables, and wool. Thompson Farms LLC is taking the opportunity to take a bioproduct and turn it into fertilizer and give something back to the soil.

Good Things Growing LLC: boosting soil nutrients with biochar

Josh Zucal is developing his biochar solution within his Good Things Growing LLC company. He says that in order to have good produce, good soil comes first.

PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship: Amplifying and growing a legacy of innovation

Building on the region’s legacy of innovation, the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship supported the three-year PA Wilds BIG IDEA Contest series with a storytelling campaign aimed at connecting local entrepreneurs to the opportunity.

Otzzy: Capturing Digital Memories Into Personalized Keepsakes

Otzzy: Capturing Digital Memories Into Personalized Keepsakes BIG IDEA Spotlight: Otzzy Editor’s Note: Designed to shine a spotlight on the variety of rural innovation bubbling up across the Pennsylvania Wilds, this article is part of a series that features six...

Roambler: Experience PA the local way

Growing up, Katie Caputo heard people complain that there was nothing to do in her beloved hometown of South Williamsport. In 2021, she started to turn her childhood dream of connecting people to the outdoor world she loved with a startup idea called Roambler

Ben Franklin Technology Partners: Investing in rural innovation across the PA Wilds, beyond

The largest seed investor in the region, Ben Franklin has been providing investment capital, business support services, and operational assistance to emerging tech startups and small manufacturers for nearly 40 years. Since the start of the BIG IDEA contests, more than $3 million in cash prizes have been awarded throughout the organization’s 32-county footprint in central and northern Pennsylvania. 

Find grants, loans and other support with the 2024 PA Wilds Resource Guides

Does your business or organization in Pennsylvania Wilds region need resources to be able meet market demands, grow, upgrade and thrive? Do you want to know what resources are available to organizations in this 13-county region? Check out the 2024 PA Wilds Resource Guide, a free digital resource that connects you to grants, loans, technical assistance, funding, marketing and other opportunities.

Find PA Wilds made products and services in the 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Are you seeking unique, locally crafted products and services? Wanting to support the artists and entrepreneurs based in the Pennsylvania Wilds region? Look no further than the 2024 PA Wilds Buyer’s Guide. Published annually, the PA Wilds Buyer’s Guide is a digital publication featuring members of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania (WCO).

Wilds Cooperative of PA members gathered for 2024 spring membership meeting at Gmeiner Art and Cultural Center in Wellsboro

Members of the Wilds Cooperative of PA met at the Gmeiner Art and Cultural Center in Tioga County on Monday, April 22 for the first of two Membership Meetings to be held in 2024. These meetings are held twice a year, typically with the spring session on the eastern side of the PA Wilds region and the fall session on the western side, giving as many Wilds Cooperative (WCO) members as possible the chance to attend.



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Village Eatinghouse: Handcrafting flavorful, all natural and gluten free sauces

Village Eatinghouse owners Clay and Melanie Phillips have been in the sauce and marinade game for over 30 years. This husband and wife duo create their sauces in the Elk Country landscape of the PA Wilds region. You’ll find that they are not only inspired by the natural world, but they also embrace it with all of their products. 

Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry: Leading Warren County to economic and community excellence

The Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry (WCCBI) is the organization dedicated to serving the Warren County business community. Located in the beautiful Allegheny National Forest and Surrounds landscape of the PA Wilds region, Warren County has abundance of natural resources.

The Watershed Journal: Uplifting and empowering local literary arts

The Watershed Journal Literary Group is an autonomous, grassroots, charitable nonprofit literary organization located in the I-80 Frontier Landscape of the PA Wilds serving storytellers in western Pennsylvania. The Watershed Journal Literary Group is a multi-faceted organization. They publish a literary magazine, run Watershed Books and Literary Center, host monthly Writer’s Block Party meetings, publish books, promote local authors, create a podcast, write blogs, and provide writing resources.

Jillia Ceramics: Small batch handmade pottery inspired by the beauty of the PA Wilds

Meet Jillia English, the ceramic artist behind Jillia Ceramics. Jillia Ceramics is located in the community of Williamsport, which is located conveniently along the I-80 Frontier and Pine Creek Valley and PA Grand Canyon landscapes of the PA Wilds region.

Mansfield Chamber of Commerce: Fostering business development and community enrichment

Wearing many hats and with a mission to keep Mansfield and the surrounding areas thriving, the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce focuses on both business development and community resources.

The Golden Axe: Embracing the thrill of axe throwing

Clinton County's entertainment scene has just been infused with a dose of exhilarating competition and shared laughter: The Golden Axe. This isn't your rustic backyard axe toss! Located along the I-80 Frontier right in downtown Lock Haven is this state-of-the-art venue meticulously designed for an unparalleled axe-throwing experience. Owners Travis and Beth welcome both seasoned competitors and curious newcomers.

Laughing Owl Press: Personalizing art through letterpress printing

Andrea and Joe Lanich started Laughing Owl Press in a two-car garage in New Jersey, selling on Etsy. They have since traded in their jobs as an architect and engineer to move home and open a storefront in the Pennsylvania Wilds, counting themselves among the approximately 200 larger letterpress printers in the United States.

PennWest Clarion SBDC: Empowering entrepreneurs to build successful businesses

The PennWest Clarion Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is located within the PennWest Clarion University campus, right in the I-80 Frontier landscape of the Pennsylvania Wilds and just a short drive from Cook Forest and the Ancients.

Hygrade Inn: The Makings of a Memorable Stay in the PA Wilds

The Hygrade Inn is nestled in Cameron County, located on the edge of the Dark Skies and Elk Country Landscapes of the PA Wilds. Built in 1880, the home that houses the Hygrade Inn has been a fixture on the tree-lined Main Street of Emporium for well over a century. 

Sugar Mama’s Appalachian Maple: Producing one-of-a-kind sweet treats with maple syrup

Rachel Courtney is the owner of Sugar Mama’s Appalachian Maple. Her interest in maple production was piqued at a young age after having a positive and delectable experience hanging out with a local maple producer.



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