Bradford Regional Airport Authority Request for Proposals New & Replacement Signage

The goal of this project is to create a) a large sign welcoming visitors to the Airport. The sign will be placed in front of the airport terminal among a garden and should read Bradford Regional Airport. Size should be approximately 4′-6′ high and 6′-12′ in length. b) a secondary and smaller directional sign to replace an existing one. Sign should read William E. Freeman Memorial Observation & Picnic Area. McKean Aviation Association. If budget limitations dictate the secondary sign may be deducted from the project.

Additional details and photos can be provided upon request. Photos are also available on the airports Facebook page.

Allowable budget for this project is not to exceed $5,000 including materials, labor, delivery and installation.

Signage aesthetics should follow the PA Wilds Design guide and should include elements of the Bradford Regional Airport logo.

Proposals should be submitted via email to on or before June 17th.