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Tech related FAQs

No one! That’s right – if you have new images, new information about your work, an updated mailing address, or any other information about yourself and your work, you may update the information yourself in your profile.  Directions for updating your profile can be found here.  

We love to share upcoming events with the public and other Wilds Cooperative members. We share events being held by our members through posts in our Event Calendar and also in the Events section on pawilds.com. If you have an upcoming event please log in and head over to the Events Calendar to post details of the event.  Learn more here. And don’t forget to use #pawilds and #pawildsmade as you market the event online so our social media team can pick it up. 

Enter your email address and select “Forgot password” during log in at www.WildsCoPA.org/manage-account/. Check your email inbox and spam folder for an email with directions for logging in.

Note: If you do not receive an email within 15 minutes contact us and we will check your account for a valid email address.

We send a lot of relevant communications to our membership (like invoicing and opportunities) via the email address wildscopa at pawildscenter.org, so please whitelist us or add us to your contacts (this will keep us out of your spam folder). We’ve written instructions on how to do this here.

Spam filters that come with email clients (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc.) have both whitelists and blacklists of senders and keywords to look for in emails. By adding our email address to your whitelist you will be able to receive important emails from The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania.

Below are instructions for whitelisting based on common email clients.


In your inbox, locate an email from wildscopa@pawildscenter.org
Drag this email to the “primary” tab of your inbox.
Emails from The Wilds Cooperative of PA will go to your primary folder from now on.


Right-click on a message from wildscopa@pawildscenter.org in your inbox.
Select “Junk E-mail” from the menu.
Click “Add Sender to Safe Senders List.”


Open an email from wildscopa@pawildscenter.org – a “+” symbol should display next to From: .
Select this and an “Add to contacts” pop-up should appear.
Select “Save”


Select “Mail” and “Preferences” from the top menu.
In the “Preferences” window, click the “Rules” icon.
Click the “Add Rule” button.
In the “Rules” window, type a name for your rule in the “Description” field.
Use the following settings: “If any of the following conditions are met: From Contains.”
Type wildscopa@pawildscenter.org in the text field beside “Contains.”
Select “Move Message” and “Inbox” from the drop-down menus.
Click “Ok” to save the rule.


Not a problem. Just get in touch with customer services at your email provider and ask for instructions on whitelisting safe email addresses.

Then, if you’ve got a sec, forward their reply to wildscopa@pawildscenter.org and we’ll add it here.