Elk County Council on the Arts Presents Beekeeping Education Classes with Rich Valley Apiary

Elk County Council on the Arts Presents Beekeeping Education Classes with Rich Valley Apiary

As you are wandering outside have you ever stopped to think “what’s the buzzing all about?”  The familiar sounds of summer include the humming of busy honeybees at work, and now is your chance to learn all about these vital insects! Join in with Arts in Education Teaching Artists Rich Valley Apiary exploring their apiary and learning all about honeybees.  

Rich Valley Apiary was founded by Ryan & Brandi Magaro, and their 3 children, as a way to spread the love of the honeybee and the amazing products they produce. It is truly a family business. Their goal is to educate as many people as possible about the importance of the honeybee.  Rich Valley Apiary is always trying new things and new ways to create using beeswax and honey. They believe in only using natural ingredients of the highest quality in what they create.  

Honeybees have evolved over the last 150 million years to become a major component of our ecosystems. Their biology as true insects, their comb design in engineering, and the collaboration as a superorganism make them excellent subjects to study. In this series of classes, the Magaro’s will teach us the basics of honeybees covering everything from the colonies, to hive construction, beekeeping equipment, to extracting honey.  Check out Rich Valley Apiary’s Facebook page starting on August 3rd at 6pm to learn about these fascinating insects.

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Inspiring creativity, sparking development of new artistic skills, engaging new students, and lifelong learning – these are the goals of the Arts in Education Programming sponsored by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and local partnering agencies such as the Elk County Council on the Arts. To achieve these goals, the program relies on talents and teaching skills of local artists such as Rich Valley Apiary, known in the program as Teaching Artists. Teaching Artists lead students on a journey of exploration and creation as they demonstrate and teach their art forms.

What does it take to become a teaching artist? Interested artists need to complete an application including samples of work, complete a teaching demonstration, and pass a background check screening.  For more information or to get an application contact Elk County Council on the Arts at 814-772-7051 or jessica@eccota.com.

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