Working with digital files

What is a ZIP file? (link) – what it is, how to open, edit, and convert the contents.
Summary: A zipped file is a collection of files compressed into one folder so it can be easily shared and downloaded. Most computers automatically decompress these files upon download once they’re double clicked to open the folder. You can drag the internal folders and files to your computer to save them for your own use.

What is the difference between JPEG and PNG? (link) – this link explains the difference between two of the file types provided in the zipped folder.

That’s the funny thing with a white image on a white background. You can’t see it! Because the PNG format allows for a transparent background you can use these white logo files on a colored or patterned background. Please refer to the Brand Guidelines before trying anything too crazy!

PDF files are vector images that can contain text or images that don’t rely on a particular operating system or program to open, so they look the same no matter where they’re opened.
Summary: Vector files (PDF, AI) are made of lines that can be scaled to any size. If you want to use the logo in a very large format, like a poster, choose PDF. AI can only be opened in Adobe Illustrator. Raster files (JPEG, PNG) are made of pixels. These are typically best for use on websites and social media. They provide very sharp clean images but the quality can degrade over time with repeated saving and editing.

We get it. There’s a lot of stuff in that folder. Here’s how we suggestyou start out:
Open the raster folder, open full-color folder, take a look at each of the logos and save the ones you want in a folder that makes sense to you. Rename them if you want to organize them in your own way. Do the same for the white logos and the Vector logos if you’ll use those.
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