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PA Wilds Conservation Shops

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The PA Wilds Center spends thousands of dollars a year buying inventory and value-added products directly from local businesses and craftspeople for its gift shops. This creates important work opportunities on our rural landscape that help support families and communities. When you spend locally on our commerce platforms, it allows us to spend locally on inventory, and then those businesses spend a large part of that investment locally. It’s one great big reinforcing circle of goodness, and we appreciate you being part of it.

Where to find us

PA Wilds Conservation Shop at Kinzua Bridge State Park

Our flagship store opened in August 2016 and has been helping local makers expand their markets while also providing travelers with an opportunity to “take home a piece of the Pennsylvania Wilds” while visiting the Kinzua Bridge Skywalk, an impressive attraction in the region. It’s a win-win that provides an economic boost to our rural communities.

PA Wilds Marketplace

The PA Wilds Marketplace at allows travelers, locals and anyone who loves the PA Wilds to easily go online and purchase products made in the region. The site includes information about the makers who produced the products, allowing these buyers to learn more about the story behind their purchased goods. Products featured are those sold at PA Wilds Conservation Shops, as well as other artisans from the PA Wilds!

PA Wilds Conservation Shop at Leonard Harrison State Park

The PA Wilds Conservation Shop at Leonard Harrison State Park opened by way of a mobile unit in June 2021 as the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources completes renovations on the physical facility and visitor center. The shop, operating seasonally, will open in the brick-and-mortar facility once renovations are complete.

PA Wilds Conservation Shop Satellite at Lycoming County Visitor Center

This satellite shop opened April 2018 in Williamsport, the largest city in the Pennsylvania Wilds. Tens of thousands of people live in the city, and many more visit throughout the year for some of its signature events, including Little League Baseball, which hosts international teams. Products are geared toward the local natural assets and themes, such as baseball tees and gear reminiscent of the Pine Creek Rail Trail, a 63-mile bike trail with a terminus in Lycoming County.

Does it matter where the stuff you buy comes from?

We think know so.

Which is why we source products at our PA Wilds Conservation Shops from makers in the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania.

Vendor Eligibility

We’re looking for producers that can fit these three main criteria.


Vendors must be Professional Level Creative Makers or Creative Service Partners in the Wilds Cooperative. Not a member? Learn how to join now.


We purchase our inventory (no consignment) to stock the gift shop and preference will be given to vendors that can extend Net 30 terms.


Vendors must create work that can be reproduced and sold in quantities of 20 or more and offer wholesale pricing (we use keystone pricing to calculate our retail pricing).



If you are an eligible member of the Wilds Cooperative (WCO) with a product that’s ready for sale at the PA Wilds Conservation Shop, apply now.

Not yet a WCO member? Join now!

Steps for Becoming a Vendor

Once you meet eligibility requirements, there are just a few steps to becoming a vendor.


(apply online)

Eligible producers can submit information via the online application to be considered as a vendor in the gift shop. Eligibility requirements are listed above.


(invite only)

PA Wilds Conservation Shop staff will invite selected vendors (via email) to submit a buyer’s pack for further consideration.

Our team will contact you.


(invite only)

Once buyer’s packs have been reviewed, selected producers will be contacted and a buying meeting will be scheduled to place an initial order. Selected vendors must compete and return required documents in order to sell products at the gift shop.

Our team will contact you.


(invite only)

Selected vendors must complete and return required documents in order to sell products at the gift shop.

Our team will notify you.

Sell Even More: License the PA Wilds logo

Did you know that members of the WCO can license the PA Wilds logo?
This means that you could be using the PA Wilds logo in your marketing materials OR on your merchandise!
And we know that shoppers are looking for branded products.


The PA Wilds has helped me to showcase my products on its website, publicize my business with the Creative Makers series, sell my products in the PA Wilds Conservation Shops and connect with fellow artisans. The PA Wilds has been an invaluable asset to my business. I am proud and fortunate to be a member of this organization.

Sue Morris

Owner, Sue's Salves

We have found the Buyer’s Guide so useful in many ways here at ECCOTA. When we are seeking new artists or makers for projects for the gallery, or if we get an inquiry about a specific product or maker that we don’t offer, the Buyer’s Guide is the perfect resource to reference and share. We can be confident while referring to the Buyer’s Guide that it is listing only the best of the Wilds region!
Sara Frank

Executive Director, Elk County Council on the Arts (ECCOTA)


Learn about how we market members of the WCO to each other and the public to help grow members’ operations.



What is the PA Wilds Marketplace?

The PA Wilds Marketplace is an online commerce platform that allows members of the Wilds Cooperative of PA to leverage the PA Wilds brand in selling their products at retail prices. The platform is tied to our primary visitor platform, Members are able to create profiles and upload product photos, and then they are responsible for shipping the products from their own location. Learn more at!

What is the PA Wilds Buyer's Guide?

The PA Wilds Buyer’s Guide is a free, downloadable guide designed to help make connections between regional producers and retailers. Produced by the Wilds Cooperative of PA, the guide features Professional Level Juried Artisans, Creative Industry Partners, Trading Posts and PA Wilds Logo Licensees. Check out the 2020 PA Wilds Buyer’s Guide here!

What is the PA Wilds Conservation Shop?

PA Wilds Conservation Shops are brick-and-mortar gift shops whose primary product line comes from the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. Products are purchased wholesale. These gift shops are tied to popular public lands and allow visitors to “take home a piece of the PA Wilds.” Only Professional Level Juried Artisans and Creative Industries Partners are eligible to sell products at these shops.  Learn more

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