Goot Essa launches new website designed by WCO member 3twenty9 Design

Goot Essa launches new website designed by WCO member 3twenty9 Design

Goot Essa, LLC, an Amish Company producing cave aged, gourmet cheeses, announces a new website,  Goot Essa is famous for the flavor of their cheeses and markets in all fifty states.  This new website will allow clients to purchase from the comfort of their own home and have it shipped directly to them.

For the last several hundred years, the Pennsylvania Amish community had chosen to cleave to traditional ways.  They have farmed without electricity, telephones, tractors, and the mega-machines that have characterized much of modern agriculture.  But what happens when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts traditional markets?  This is exactly the situation faced by Goot Essa.  Because of the quality of their cheeses, their markets consisted of wineries, restaurants, and specialty shops where the quality of the cheese was appreciated.  So, when these businesses were shut down due to the novel corona virus, these markets were lost, putting not only Goot Essa, but the Amish Community at risk.

The problem became: how do traditional Amish crafts people reach their market?  It was obvious that this 21st century problem needed a 21st century solution.  With more and more people shopping electronically, the solution seemed to be marketing through the web.

In what for the Amish community was a bold move, John Esh, Jr of Howard, Pennsylvania decided to engage 3twenty9 Design to produce a website that would allow individuals to order their cheeses, gift baskets, and condiments for cheese electronically.  The Esh family also wanted their on-line clients to try some traditional Amish dishes made from their cheese which usually happened as a way of business for Goot Essa. This led to a recipe section on the website where clients can download recipes and share some of their own favorite recipes as well.  This all needed to be done without changing the traditional family and community values.  The Amish families did not want outside influences to interfere with their family meals and respect for the sabbath, for instance. 

“We feel, 3twenty9 Design has done a good job of putting together a modern website that still reflects our lifestyle,” says Mr. Esh. Clarity of product presentation and ease of use were the primary concerns for the Goot Essa website.  “We are hopeful of continuing the individual service to our clients, do it in a socially responsible way, and yet still support our individual farm families that supply our milk and foods.”

In addition to running Goot Essa LLC, the Esh family milks 75 cows and farms 80 acres.  John and Anna Mary, his wife have 9 children, with all but 2 involved in the Goot Essa business. Goot Essa buys milk from 4 other Amish families and markets craft and food products from 6 other Amish families—all supporting the mission of Goot Essa which is keeping Amish family farms in business for the future.

Goot Essa Contact: John Esh Jr. 351 Wise Road, Howard, PA 16841; 814-383-0180

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