Darryl Kotz: Hand-forged steel becomes functional works of art

Darryl Kotz: Hand-forged steel becomes functional works of art

Tioga County | Pine Creek Valley & the PA Grand Canyon of the Pennsylvania Wilds

By LaKeshia Knarr

Blacksmith Darryl Kotz has been practicing his trade for over 10 years.

Using traditional blacksmithing techniques, the artisan works on both traditional horseshoeing as well as ornamental creations, where he creates original designs and artwork that anyone can take home to enjoy.

In his line of work, Darryl utilizes both traditional coal and a propane furnace to heat up the metals he works with.

His hand-forged steel pieces range from functional dishes, bowls and hooks, to intricate nature-inspired ornaments, pendants and more.

Darryl’s passion for blacksmithing began while watching a blacksmithing demonstration at a state park. He soon began accumulating the tools and knowledge needed to start his own journey within the trade.

Darryl joined local blacksmith guilds and began attending blacksmithing conferences where Master Blacksmiths demonstrate advanced skills of the craft. In addition to being a juried artisan member of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania, he is a member of the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America and The Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmith Association.

He can often be found in his blacksmith shop in the rural mountains of the Pennsylvania Wilds, forging new creations out of hot metal.

Learn more about Darryl Kotz Blacksmith Artist at www.darrylkotz.com.

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*Photos used in this article were taken by Karen Heltzel of Moments in Time Studio as part of the Creative Makers of the Pennsylvania Wilds – A Traveling Public Art Show, which was partly funded by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.


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