Endless Mountain Music Festival: Captivating sounds and scenery

Endless Mountain Music Festival: Captivating sounds and scenery

Tioga County | Pine Creek Valley & The PA Grand Canyon

The Endless Mountain Music Festival is a premier cultural event taking place across multiple counties in northern Pennsylvania and southern New York.

The event was first conceptualized back in 2003, when Maestro Stephn Gunzenhauser and his wife, Rochelle, were visiting the Pine Creek Valley and PA Grand Canyon landscape of the Pennsylvania Wilds while on vacation.

The weeklong trip was their first to the region, but it would not be their last!

Captivated by the region’s mountains, natural beauty and the charm of the community of Wellsboro, the Gunzenhausers imagined it would be the perfect place for a classical music festival.

After taking the idea to the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce, the couple was connected with Wellsboro residents Dr. Kenneth Sarch, a Mansfield University music professor and his wife, Margarita, who serves as Wellsboro Community Symphony Orchestra conductor. 

From there, the rest is history. A board of directors was formed and the Endless Mountain Music Festival became reality.

The annual event features 17 days and 17 concerts, taking place at a number of regional facilities, from Mansfield University to the Deane Center for Performing Arts, to local high schools, hotels, and even Cherry Springs State Park, known for its internationally-certified Dark Skies.

World-renowned musicians gather to perform classical orchestral performances and chamber ensembles decorated with blues and jazz, fulfilling the founders’ goal of bringing classical music festivals to the picturesque wilderness of the Pennsylvania Wilds.

The 2023 festival will run from July 21, 2023 through August 6, 2023. You can find this years program, purchase tickets and find more information by visiting the Endless Mountain Music Festival website.

The Endless Mountain Music Festival is an experience maker member of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. Learn more about the Endless Mountain Music Festival and leave them a review or recommendation on their WCO profile.


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