Hello Social Co.: Helping Clients Reach New Audiences by Focusing on Local

Hello Social Co.: Helping Clients Reach New Audiences by Focusing on Local

Centre County | I-80 Frontier of the Pennsylvania Wilds

Bellefonte-based social media company Hello Social Co. supports small businesses, nonprofits and communities by providing social media management, strategy and support services.

The goal is to help clients spend less time worrying about marketing so they can spend even more time focusing on the services, products or experiences that they’re known for.

“Social media is the single most effective way to reach your audience. At Hello Social Co., we use social media to get more customers in your door in your locally based business with what we call the Focus on Local approach,” says Ellen Matis, founder + CEO of Hello Social.

One of the core tenets of Hello Social’s operations is the “Focus on Local” approach. This approach helps clients uplift their entire community in their social media promotions.

“There’s an endless number of marketing resources, trainings, workshops and experts out there with content that’s supposed to help you level-up your online presence or increase sales. But few of them truly identify or teach strategies that support local success,” the Hello Social Co. website explains. “The Focus on Local Network + Learning Center was created to support brands that want their local community to grow and thrive. Because when their community thrives, their business or organization thrives.”

Focus on Local provides an online community and education platform to connect business owners, organizations and community leaders with resources to help them Focus on Local. This is a collaborative environment to learn, share and grow in a way that helps entire towns and communities thrive.

Hello Social has offerings designed to meet a wide range of client needs and budgets.  The packages offered all work to help clients build brand awareness, connect with their local community, foster customer loyalty, generate leads and reach other goals. 

All of Hello Social’s packages include a standard set of services to support social media growth, including: social media setup/optimization, monthly check-ins, original content and curation of existing content, custom images and graphics, creation of stories, social media ads management, daily social media monitoring and monthly reporting.

The company also offers services that can strengthen clients’ long-term strategies and network. For example, the “Strategy in a Day” session allows clients to be the focus of the entire Hello Social team. The staff develops a tailored social media strategy for the client to help them reach their largest goals. In addition, a “Group Coaching” program allows clients to meet with each other virtually, creating a peer network where participants can learn from each other and share knowledge.

Learn more about Hello Social Co. or leave a review/recommendation on the company’s Wilds Cooperative of PA profile

*Photos courtesy of Hello Social Co.


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