Jillia Ceramics: Small batch handmade pottery inspired by the beauty of the PA Wilds

Jillia Ceramics: Small batch handmade pottery inspired by the beauty of the PA Wilds

Lycoming County | PA Wilds I-80 Frontier Landscape

Meet Jillia English, the ceramic artist behind Jillia Ceramics. Jillia Ceramics is located in the community of Williamsport, which is located conveniently along the I-80 Frontier and Pine Creek Valley and PA Grand Canyon landscapes of the PA Wilds region.

You will often find Jillia working in her private basement studio creating one of a kind ceramic pieces.

Jillia’s artistic journey began in 2008 when she first touched clay in an art class at Williamsport Area High School, and her passion for ceramics has stayed with her ever since. In 2022, she transitioned from being a graphic designer to a full-time ceramic artist. Her studio operates without molds, slip casting, slab rollers, or extruders – everything is crafted by hand on her pottery wheel, which makes each creation a one-of-a-kind piece.

Being both an artist and an outdoor enthusiast, Jillia is able to pull inspiration from her outdoor adventures and the natural surroundings of the PA Wilds. She creates unique nature-inspired pieces with features like rolling hills, tree lines and water themes. She even incorporates the colors and textures of nature into her ceramic pieces. Although each creation is a work of art, her ceramics aren’t created with only aesthetics in mind. Jillia strives to create pieces that can be utilized in day to day life with the hopes that each creation is a reminder of your own adventures. 

You can get a sneak peek into Jillia’s daily creative process through the short video she created for the 2022 PA Wilds Makers Market. In the video, Jillia takes you from the beginning stages of preparing the clay to glazing and even to packing her van for vendor shows.

For even more insights into her work, you can visit her online gallery at JilliaCeramics.com or by her maker store front on ShopthePAWilds.com to shop her showcase of diverse ceramic work.

Photo & Video Credit: Jillia English

Jillia Ceramics is a Professional Level Juried Artisan under the Creative Maker member in the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. Learn more about Jillia Ceramics and leave them a review or recommendation on their WCO profile.


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