New Trail Brewing Co : Inviting us to take new adventures

New Trail Brewing Co: Inviting us to take new adventures

Lycoming County | I-80 Frontier

New Trail Brewing Co. in Williamsport, PA, loves the outdoors as much as they love beer! The company was formed to make great beer to enjoy when you “dare to explore new places, do new things, take new trails, and have truly memorable adventures.” With all the trails to explore in the PA Wilds, it makes sense that New Trail Brewing is located on the border of the I-80 Frontier and the Pine Cree Valley & PA Grand Canyon Landscapes, a great place for convenient access for outdoor enthusiasts.

Mike Larosa has been in this business for many years. His brewing career began while he was a young man at home making beer with his dad. In college, he followed his passion by interning at a PA brewery, and then he went on to work in numerous breweries throughout the northeast. He established New Trail Brewing Co., which has earned awards for producing such great brews.

The first beer made in 2018, the company’s birth year, was Trail Ale. Like most microbreweries, the names of the brews represent the story of the ale. The names for all their beers, essential beers, regular sellers, and those in the archives of past brews, are sprinkled with outdoor themes and stories.

New Trail seeks to get people out into “the natural universe”– and they put their money where their mouth is. As they process their beer, they strive to keep it as eco-friendly as possible. In addition, they have connected to various people and organizations for the preservation of outdoor recreation, one of which is the PA Parks and Forest Foundation, (PPFF). New Trail State Park Series is the title for this partnership, whereby they are creating beers named after parks & forests around the state and then donating a portion of proceeds from that particular beer, to benefit the named park. It is these intentions that make New Trail Brewing Company a perfect collaborator with the PA Wilds.

For their efforts to promote the Pennsylvania Wilds as a premier outdoor recreation destination and production of The Wilds Are Calling Hazy IPA in 2023, New Trail Brewing Co. received a 2023 PA Wilds Champion Award in the Best Brand Ambassador category.

Made in collaboration with 17 other brewers who call the PA Wilds home, is now available at participating breweries and select distributors in PA!

The brew will be available for a limited time at Floating Feathers Brewing Company, John Ryan Brewery, Rosko’s Brew House, Robinhood Brewing Co, Bradford Brew Station, Lost In The Wilds Brewing, Therapy Brewing, Bald Birds Brewing Company: Jersey Shore, Bullfrog Brewery, Mechanistic Brewing Co., Yorkholo Brewing Company, Bent Run Brewing Company, Riepstine’s Pub, Boxcar Brew Works, Clarion River Brewing Company, Boom City Brewing Company, LLC, Wicked Warren’s.

A portion of proceeds will support the mission of the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, Inc., a nonprofit whose mission is to marry conservation and economic development in the PA Wilds region.

Did you know? 70% of PA’s headwaters begin in the PA Wilds, flowing through one of the world’s most valuable hardwood forests. This natural filtering process makes for some of the best water imaginable, utilized by the 22 independent breweries currently in operation. Learn more about how the Commonwealth’s forests impact water quality and support craft breweries in the following video by the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation.

New Trail Brewing Co. is an experience member of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. Learn more about New Trail Brewing Co. and leave them a review or recommendation on their WCO profile.


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