Sue’s Salves: Plant-based healing skin care products

Sue’s Salves: Plant-based healing skin care products

Clinton County | I-80 Frontier of the PA Wilds

Sue J Morris, creator of Sue’s Salves, uniquely fuses herbalism, aromatherapy and astrology into the crafting of her body and skin care products.

The artisan creates soothing herbal salves with plants she grows in her medicinal garden in Mill Hall, Pa.

“I do not outsource any plants and only use plants I grow in my organic garden,” explains Sue.

Her historic home becomes an ode to her craft. Outside, her gardens swoon full of mindfully planted and cared for flora. Inside, the plucked ingredients are turned out in various stages for processing – some are hung in drying mechanisms, others are submerged in tinctures.

Her carefully packaged final products can be found nearby – from salves, spritzes and body care items, to herbal oils, botanical perfumes and all-natural bug sprays.

Through her products and by educating people about how they’re made, Sue J is on a mission to demonstrate that medicinal herbs can help remedy common illnesses and ailments.

“Gardens are grown for beauty, for food and nutrition, to create sacred spaces, and for their wide-ranging benefits for the body and soul,” she said.

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