Straub Brewery: Third oldest brewery in U.S. calls the PA Wilds home

Straub Brewery: Third oldest brewery in U.S. calls the PA Wilds home

Elk County | Elk Country landscape of the PA Wilds

Straub Brewery traces its roots all the way back to 1872 and continues to brew from it its original St. Marys location, part of the Elk Country landscape of the Pennsylvania Wilds. 

The third oldest brewery in the United States, Straub is an international award-winning brewery founded by German immigrant Peter Straub. He left his family and homeland at the age of 19 in search of the American Dream. 

Today, Straub Brewery is a member of the prestigious fraternity of American Legacy Breweries (ALB)™. The company is still owned by the Straub family, with its current President and CEO, William Brock, being the great-great-grandson of founder Peter Straub. 

Glassware continues to serve up both Straub’s historical flagship brews, as well as its evolving lineup of craft beers, to the thousands of local, national, and international visitors. And while visitors can still receive a tour of the brewery and get a tasting from the Eternal Tap, they can now also enjoy an even fuller experience by grabbing a bite to eat at the new Visitor Center & Tap Room on site.

Completed in 2019, Straub’s Visitor Center & Tap Room offers tasty treats and a place to relax with friends and family in both indoor and outdoor settings. There’s also a gift shop that features Straub proud gear and some other treats from local makers.

In 2017, Straub Brewery won the PA Wilds Best Brand Ambassador Champion Award for its contributions toward promoting and developing the PA Wilds brand through product development and storytelling. One project highlighted as part of Straub’s Champion Award nomination was the Peter Straub Signature Brews Adventure Series craft beer campaign, which named brews after outdoor recreation destinations in the PA Wilds and highlighted the GPS coordinates for finding it. 

Parts of this article were pulled from an article written by Ed Byers for the PA Wilds Are Calling blog. View the original article here

Straub is an Experience Maker member in the Wilds Cooperative of PA. Check out Straub’s Wilds Cooperative of PA profile, where you can find contact information or leave a review/recommendation. Learn more here.


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