The Golden Axe: Embracing the thrill of axe throwing

The Golden Axe: Embracing the thrill of axe throwing

Clinton County | I-80 Frontier Landscape of the PA Wilds

Clinton County’s entertainment scene has just been infused with a dose of exhilarating competition and shared laughter: The Golden Axe. This isn’t your rustic backyard axe toss! Located along the I-80 Frontier right in downtown Lock Haven is this state-of-the-art venue meticulously designed for an unparalleled axe-throwing experience. Owners Travis and Beth Moyer welcome both seasoned competitors and curious newcomers.

Step into a space with the satisfying thud of axe meeting wood, where eight dedicated lanes offer the perfect platform to hone your skills or unleash your inner lumberjack. The allure of The Golden Axe extends beyond the bullseyes. For those seeking a broader spectrum of entertainment, a selection of classic games like cornhole, darts, pool and Jenga awaits, ensuring lively engagement for all ages and skill levels.

The Golden Axe caters to a diverse clientele, from families craving memorable experiences to groups seeking a unique twist on traditional outings. Planning a memorable party or corporate event? The Golden Axe offers dedicated packages, transforming the venue into the ideal backdrop for a “throwing good time.” Reservations are recommended for optimal planning, but walk-ins are always welcome. Remember, closed-toe shoes are mandatory.

Of course, no exhilarating adventure is complete without proper sustenance. They offer a variety of snacks and drinks to keep you fueled throughout your visit. Their signature Raging Bull – a potent blend of Red Bull, vibrant syrups, and fresh juice – offering an electrifying kick to accompany your triumphs. Sweet tea, lemonade and a BYOB policy ensure everyone stays refreshed throughout the experience.

As one reviewer stated, “This is a place where you can be yourself and just have fun.” And with three 75-inch TVs for entertainment, thoughtful gift cards available, and a community spirit that welcomes everyone, The Golden Axe is more than just an axe-throwing venue – it’s a vibrant social hub nestled in the heart of Lock Haven.

So, why settle for the mundane? Embrace the thrill of axe throwing at The Golden Axe. Book your adventure online, call 570-974-9994, email or follow them on social media for the latest updates. This is where unforgettable memories and exhilarating experiences await, one bullseye at a time.

The Golden Axe is an experience maker member of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. Learn more about The Golden Axe and leave them a review or recommendation on their WCO profile.


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