Village Eatinghouse: Handcrafting flavorful, all natural and gluten free sauces

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Village Eatinghouse: Handcrafting flavorful, all natural and gluten free sauces

Centre County | Elk Country Landscape of the PA Wilds

Village Eatinghouse Owners

Village Eatinghouse owners Clay and Melanie Phillips have been in the sauce and marinade game for over 30 years. This husband and wife duo create their sauces in the Elk Country landscape of the PA Wilds region. You’ll find that they are not only inspired by the natural world, but they also embrace it with all of their products. 

Clay works alongside his wife, Melanie, to design recipes, tips, and ideas. 

“Love is the first ingredient in all of the products made by Village Eatinghouse because life is meant to be loved and lived fully—and that includes your food,” says Melanie.

In addition to love, each of the products are made with apple cider vinegar using no Monosodium glutamate (MSG) flavor enhancers or trans fats. Not only that, their one of a kind sauces are all natural and the dressings and marinades are handcrafted, gluten free, low sodium, and vegan. 

Village Eatinghouse’s bestseller dressing and marinade is Sweet and Sour Italian. Other variations of the Italian dressing and marinade include Sultry and Smokey, Bold and Sassy, Bright and Tangy, plus the seasonal offering of Dark and Zesty Italian. They have a wide variety of other marinades and dressings beyond their Italian variety, but no matter which product you choose, as one reviewer stated, “Each one is as tasty as the last.”

The products can be used on salads or for marinating, dipping, grilling, roasting, or sautéing.  Village Eatinghouse will equip and inspire you to create delicious dishes for lunch, dinner, sides, or appetizers with confidence. Visit Village Eatinghouse online at to find many delicious recipes, or cook alongside the sauce professionals by going to their youtube channel at Consider signing up for the Village Eatinghouse email list to receive recipe ideas as well as inspiration directly to your inbox.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, the Village Eatinghouse welcomes you to savor their high-quality flavors in person. Swing by their Sauce Kitchen & Marketplace at at 1002 Pine Glen Road in Karthaus, during events like “Gilling in the Glen” to meet the passionate creators. Be sure to call the Sauce Kitchen & Marketplace at (814) 429-3663 to get their hours before your visit.

The Village Eatinghouse is a Food Artisan under the Creative Maker membership in the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. Learn more about the Village Eatinghouse by visiting their WCO Profile or

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