Ineligible Businesses

Members of the Wilds Cooperative are those place-based businesses that are in line with the Pennsylvania Wilds lifestyle brand and which add to the overall visitor experience in the region. In so, there are certain businesses and types of businesses that are ineligible for the program.

Examples include:

  • Large conglomerate corporations that are not unique to the Pennsylvania Wilds region.
    • If you’d like to support the PA Wilds work in other ways, please contact us here.
  • Franchises not unique to or based out of the Pennsylvania Wilds.
    • Note: Franchises based out of the Pennsylvania Wilds may be considered.
  • Independent contractors involved in “pyramid scheme” or multi-level marketing efforts on behalf of other brands (e.g., Scentsy and Thirty-One).
  • Makers whose work is crafted primarily with items purchased and simply decorated, or by combining purchased commercial objects (unless commercial objects play a subordinate role).
  • Makers whose work utilizes appropriated images (e.g., digital clip-art, downloaded paintings, drawings, etc.).
  • Political and/or religious organizations.
  • Businesses that rely on gambling activities to support more than ⅓ of their gross annual income.
  • Businesses that require Tobacco Products Licenses to operate.
  • Adult entertainment establishments that promote sexually-oriented activities.

These ineligible businesses have been determined after thoughtful consideration of the Declaration of Principles outlined for the Pennsylvania Wilds team, as outlined below.

Our core values spring from the soul of our organization. We will adhere and live by these beliefs even if doing so becomes unpopular or costs us commercial opportunity.

Celebrate and nurture our natural wonders by connecting people with nature.

The way of nature is our way of life.

Welcome those who share our passions.

The road less traveled makes all the difference.

Charm not chain | Stewardship of the land | The joy of exploration and discovery | Cultivating the relationship between people and the environment | Preserving, sharing and creating new stories | Aspiring to excellence in all we do.

Our personality traits describe the unique characteristics that separate us from other places in the world. We celebrate these traits and bring them into every facet of THE PENNSYLVANIA WILDS. WE ARE: Down to earth; Quirky and authentic, not slick; Wild yet welcoming, Enthusiastic and optimistic; Rugged and resourceful. We commit ourselves to working TOGETHER to fulfill our mission every day, while living by our core values in THE PENNSYLVANIA WILDS.

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