Why did you change member types?

Since we started the re-branding process in 2015 there have been quite a few changes in the program- the largest and the most obvious was the decision to change the name from the PA Wilds Artisan Trail to The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. The change in the program name is reflective of the positive change and growth opportunities that The Cooperative provides for its members. Looking at these opportunities it became clear that there are different types of members. There are some artisans that have made their craft their full time job and are growing the possibilities of their business into different markets, including wholesale venues. There are other artisans that work on their craft as a hobby or in their spare time and are not interested in selling on a larger scale. There other artisans that might be in the earlier stages of honing their craft and they haven’t quite yet reached a level in their business to grow it on a large scale (but are on their way). We love that there are different types of members and we want to do our best to develop and promote all of our members – regardless of their member level. But with that in mind, different types of motivation in your work require different types of support. As a program we felt that we could better our members if we could focus on the different types of needs. We know that whether you are a Basic or Professional level you need access to digital marketing tools, promotion from our team via social media platforms, networking with other members of The Wilds Cooperative and access to professional development – and both levels receive all of those benefits (and a little more- compare the full list here). For the additional member cost Professional level members receive added support that is geared toward wholesale opportunities, which includes hang tags, a listing in the annual Buyers Guide and the eligibility to be considered as a vendor in the PA Wilds Conservation Shops.