Will I always be categorized at my current membership level?

No. These are the factors that can change your categorization:

  1. If you receive a score that qualifies you for the Basic level (100-300) and you have the desire to grow your business and work to the Professional level you can arrange for a meeting to review the jury comments and as early as the next jury review session you can re-submit your work for review.
  2. If you receive a score that qualifies you for Professional level (301+) but you feel that your business approach is a better fit at the Basic level you may elect to join/renew at the Basic level.
  3. If you become past due in your membership and have lapsed in the program you will be re-juried before returning to the program and your member level will be determined on that score and not your original score.
  4. On a rotating basis our jury will review long standing members, the new score could reflect a change in your member level.