WCO: How did your business fare in 2020?

WCO: How did your business fare in 2020?

For so many businesses and organizations, 2020 was a year for the books. Whether business soared or tanked, it was not business as usual.

Businesses in the Wilds Cooperative of PA are no different. And we need to hear about it.

Each year, WCO members are asked to complete a confidential Annual Survey. This survey collects data about business performance and growth to help the PA Wilds Center illustrate collective needs in the PA Wilds entrepreneurial ecosystem and demonstrate how its programs and services are assisting these businesses.

Demonstrating impacts for the full year is critical to ensuring that the rural PA Wilds receives the funding and resources necessary for its small businesses and organizations to compete against national markets and grow. This is especially true given the economic challenges our communities face amid the pandemic. 

The survey takes just a few moments, and aggregate data helps the PA Wilds Center evaluate last year’s goals and the growth of our WCO membership, and set new goals for the upcoming year. The data also informs the PA Wilds Center’s annual reports, official reports for local, state and federal stakeholders to understand the impacts of the broader PA Wilds strategy. (You can find past annual reports here.)


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