Wilds Are Working Ambassadors


This series of live interviews with entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders is designed to foster conversation about how organizations are pivoting and spur innovation in the face of COVID-19. It was important to the PA Wilds Center that we lean on our partners with us on the ground for this series. The challenges we’re facing with COVID-19 also present new opportunities for us to grow closer together, especially where our missions align. 

We're looking for Community Partners who are willing to interview businesses across the region so that we can share our collective stories during this crisis and look to recovery. 

Below you’ll find more information on how we define the term “PA Wilds Ambassador.” We hope this gives you a better understanding of how we hope to leverage our partnerships within our broader mission as we work together to make our communities wonderful places to live, work, and play. 


PA Wilds Ambassadors are designated individuals, organizations and partners who proudly promote the natural, historic, cultural and entrepreneurial assets of the Pennsylvania Wilds and help to grow awareness of the Pennsylvania Wilds brand and the programs and services offered by the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, Inc.

These individuals and partners are part of a larger movement and act via tactical teams, including:

  • the PA Wilds Center Board of Directors, which helps lead the organization and ensures it stays true to its mission through its work;
  • the PA Wilds Planning Team, which advocates for strategic regional approaches to community development;
  • Community Partners of the Wilds Cooperative of PA, who work with us on special community engagement projects that support our communities and our businesses;
  • Scouts and Engagement Specialists, who bolster and work with entrepreneurs in the Wilds Cooperative of PA program;
  • PA Wilds Community Connectors, who make connections for prospective travelers to our community partners; and
  • WildSPEAK, the Pennsylvania Wilds Civilian Storyteller Corps that helps tell the full story of the region;

One common thread among the various PA Wilds Ambassadors is that they each play a core role in engaging, educating and expanding the stakeholders and audiences integral to the growth and success of the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Members of this network live, play and work in the Pennsylvania Wilds and they contribute to the PA Wilds Center’s overall mission of marrying conservation and economic development in a way that inspires our region’s communities.



  • The goal of the Wilds Are Working: Rural Entrepreneurship in Uncharted Times series is to provide a forum where entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Pennsylvania Wilds can learn from one another, find community, and harness support.
  • The PA Wilds Center is allocating $25,000 toward this Facebook live series. PA Wilds Ambassadors will be paid $100 to schedule and conduct 5-10 minute interviews with PA Wilds based businesses about how they are pivoting their company during these challenging times. Once the $25,000 investment is expended, the program will continue based on available funds and volunteer submissions.
  • Community Partners must be located in the Pennsylvania Wilds (counties: Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, Lycoming, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Warren, and northern Centre).
  • All applicants must be members of the Wilds Cooperative of PA (free to join). The following membership types are eligible to become PA Wilds Ambassadors: Community Partners.


  • Computer/laptop with webcam
  • Microphone
  • Chrome/Safari browser 
  • Stable internet access (If internet access is a challenge, please contact us directly via email here.)
  • Facebook or YouTube account