Wilds Cooperative members can sign up for PA Wilds Marketplace, Makers Market

Wilds Cooperative members can sign up for PA Wilds Marketplace, Makers Market

Online shopping experience features demos, tours, more

You MAKE things in the PA Wilds. Here’s an opportunity to SELL them! The PA Wilds Makers Market is an online exhibitor event on November 5-6, which features products only found in the Pennsylvania Wilds on the PA Wilds Marketplace at ShopthePAWilds.com

WCO Creative Makers are invited to showcase their products and services on the PA Wilds Marketplace. These wild products reflect our region’s natural beauty, bounty and rural traditions. This virtual event is designed to help connect PA Wilds Marketplace sellers with new audiences.

Creative Makers interested in participating in the PA Wilds Makers Market must be a seller on the PA Wilds Marketplace (ShopThePAWilds.com). This will allow shoppers to easily buy from all the participating artists in one place. The PA Wilds Marketplace is free to join.

This year’s PA Wilds Makers Market event will not be live. Instead, artists will have an opportunity to create a pre-recorded video that will be added to a playlist of videos. That playlist will be released on the Marketplace during the event dates of November 5-6! Interviews, demonstrations and studio tours are all welcome!

“Whether you work with our team to create and submit a video or not, all participating sellers are invited to share photos that can be used in promotional materials. If you do not want to create a video, we can create a simple slideshow of your work,” explained LaKeshia Knarr, Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Director at PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, the nonprofit that supports the Wilds Cooperative of PA and commerce opportunities tied to the PA Wilds brand.

There is a fee of $25 to participate in this event. The fee covers advertising your business on social media and other operational fees for the event.

To participate, you must be a Creative Maker member of the Wilds Cooperative of PA; set up a seller storefront on ShopThePAWilds.com; be willing to update your WCO profile with photos of your work and information about placing orders; pay a $25 fee; and help promote the event on your own platforms.

Participating sellers are encouraged to work with the PA Wilds to create a video for use during the event — this can be an interview, a tour of the artist’s studio, or a product demonstration. Artists may submit one or two 30-minute videos.

Sellers are also encouraged to offer a promotional deal on a specific product or all of their products during the event. In addition, sellers are invited to consider adding a new product to their storefronts for the event – these products may be new or existing, but new to the Marketplace. Notify PA Wilds staff about your promotional plans so they can be announced in event advertisements.

To register for the event and learn more, visit wildscopa.org/pa-wilds-makers-market.


Creative Makers in the Wilds Cooperative of PA who are able to commit to managing an online storefront for their business and shipping products when sold, are invited to join the PA Wilds Marketplace. There is no fee to join; there is simply a 15% referral fee on all orders. To join, log into your Wilds Cooperative of PA account and visit your membership branding assets at  www.WildsCoPA.org/branding-assets.


The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania is one of rural Pennsylvania’s largest networks of creative entrepreneurs, featuring more than 400 businesses located in the Pennsylvania Wilds. Learn more about the Wilds Cooperative of PA at www.WildsCoPA.org/about


The Pennsylvania Wilds is a 13-county region that includes the counties of Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, Lycoming, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Warren, and northern Centre. For more information on the region, visit www.PAWilds.com. The PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to integrate conservation and economic development in a way that inspires the communities of the Pennsylvania Wilds. The PA Wilds Center works with partners to promote the region as a premier outdoor recreation destination and manages the Wilds Cooperative of PA, a business network of over 300 place-based businesses, in an effort to help businesses find new markets. For more information on the PA Wilds Center, visit www.PAWildsCenter.org. Details about the Wilds Cooperative business network can be found at www.WildsCoPA.org


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